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Wisdom Within The Winds is a dream that began many years ago.

Growing up and having spent many summers at the family cabin in Northern Ontario, I developed a strong connection to the beauty, magic and healing that comes from nature.

I would spend hours sitting upon a special rock by the lake, watching the birds fly in the sky and the gentle waves move against the shore. It brought so much peace and joy to my heart.

But one of my favourite activities to experience upon that rock was the wind. I would listen to the wind blow through the trees, making beautiful music to soothe the soul. I would feel the wind blow through my hair and upon my face as if it was giving a nurturing caress. And I would watch as the wind would support a leaf as it twirled and swirled it in the open sky, making me curious about what journey it was on.

pexels-alan-cabello-990349 (1).jpg

While upon that rock, I realized that life is sometimes like a leaf moving in the wind. Whatever we are experiencing and whichever direction we are travelling in, we may need some support and guidance to help us along the way.

At that moment, deep within my heart and soul, I felt that my life's purpose was to provide support and healing.


I wanted to help others remember and (re)connect to their souls' inner wisdom, strength, and magic.

And so, the journey of discovering how I could help others and the creation of Wisdom Within The Winds began.

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