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Have you ever noticed a leaf supported by the wind as it moves through the open sky? Did you ever wonder, "Where is it going? What journey will the wind take the leaf on?"


Like a leaf moving in the wind, we are all on a journey.


During this journey, we may come across particular challenges or circumstances. These situations may cause feelings of adventure and excitement. For others, it may cause feelings of worry and uncertainty. It may even cause feelings of fear and anxiety. Whatever we may be experiencing, to help us continue moving forward, we may need some support, faith and guidance to help us along the way.

Life is a vast learning experience. Our souls are here to learn, grow and develop. Deep down, our soul usually knows the answers to the questions and guidance that we seek. However, sometimes we need help remembering the wisdom and healing within ourselves. We may even need help (re)connecting to the loving guidance of the angelic realm and our spirit guides (or Spiritual Soul Team, as I like to call them) - beings of light who support us, guide us, surround us and are always with us!


So, just as the leaf moves in the open sky, connected to and guided by the wind. We must connect to the wisdom within ourselves and all around us - as this can give us faith and strength.

Wisdom Within The Winds was created with the intention, hope and wish to help others remember and connect to this faith and strength - by supporting your journey with guidance, intuition and love!

Image by Dima Shishkov

"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar."

- Serenity -

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