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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle (yet powerful) Japanese energy technique, with Tibetan origins, where an emphasis is placed on the body's natural ability to heal itself. The word REIKI, pronounced Ray-Key, means "Universal Life Energy". Born on the 15th August 1865, Dr. Mikao Usui is the founder of the Reiki system healing that is most commonly taught and practiced today - known as Usui Reiki.


We are all healers. At birth, we are very powerful transmitters of Source energy. Deep down, our body knows better than we do what it needs for healing and how to access this wisdom. However, as we settle into the lower vibrations of the physical world and modern civilization, we forget our connection to this Source - causing the natural flow of energy to become blocked and stagnant.

To help the body activate its natural healing processes and restore well-being (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), the practitioner channels this unseen "Universal Life Energy" into the client's body, enhancing its natural healing ability and supporting well-being. By clearing blocks and rebalancing the energy flow, the body can move to an optimal state where it can access its ability to heal itself.

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A Reiki treatment can also:

-   Promote harmony & balance

-   Relax and release tension from the body

-   Cleanse the body of toxins and support the immune system

-   Help you sleep better

-   Helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing

-   Enhances self-awareness and self-esteem

-   Rebalance Chakras and remove blocks

-   Help you connect with your intuition

You might experience the following during the session:  sensations of hot or cold, see colours, fall asleep, stomach noises, involuntary movement, past life flashes, memory flash, or emotional responses (such as crying). Whatever you may experience, it is important to remember that Reiki treatments are safe and non-invasive; it cannot cause harm.

With Distance Reiki, you can receive Reiki treatment benefits from the comfort of your own home. You can sit or lie down in a quiet place, perhaps play some soothing music to help create a relaxing space. During this time, there will be a connection made between your energy and the Reiki energy. Healing is sent to the energy centers in your body (chakras), and any other areas that require healing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) discussed during your private and confidential consultation before the session.


"Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion."

- Buddha -