intuitive oracle card EMAIL readings

Image by Viva Luna Studios

What is an Intuitive Oracle Card Reading?

Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards and can be a potent tool for those seeking insight and guidance in their life. Deep down, our soul usually knows the answers to the life questions that we are asking. However, we quite often wish to have more clarification and confirmation.

Using the oracle cards, clairsentience (sensing and feeling) and clairvoyance (seeing colours, visions, and symbols) - I tune into and channel the love, guidance, and information from the angelic realm and your spirit guides.

It’s essential to use your good judgement in terms of the information you receive. Does it resonate with you? Is it helpful? Will you choose to listen to the guidance that you received? Remember, we all have free will. Oracle card readings do not predict the future – which is a common misconception. Nothing in life is set-in-stone, and the future is something you create yourself, so what you choose to do with the information is up to you. 

Oracle card readings are a form of communication that can help you by providing insight into tough situations, giving guidance during times of uncertainty, or uncovering new possibilities. It’s kind of like having a chat with a best friend when looking for advice. The angels are here to love and support you. So if there is a vital message for you to know, they may sometimes tell you what you need to hear and not always the answer to the question you are asking about at the moment. The action, steps, and direction that you take after your reading are up to you.

For those with open minds and a willingness to grow, oracle card readings can be hugely beneficial for personal and spiritual development. They are meant to help give you support as you move forward in your journey.