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My spiritual and divination journey began at a young age.


I was always fascinated and curious about the healing properties of crystals, the power of pendulum dowsing, the supporting messages of oracle cards, and connecting to the magic of Mother Earth. I would always spend time at the local bookshop to see what mystical books I could buy or visit the little magical shop to see what crystals I felt connected to based on their energies. All of these things felt like home to me. It felt like this was a part of who I was and always had been.

My curiosity and quest for knowledge grew as I became interested in connecting to the angelic realm, spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over.

During these years, I had always felt a strong calling, deep within my heart and soul, to support others. It felt like this was what I was supposed to do in this world, but I needed to figure out how I could do this or what I had to offer.

As time passed by, I stepped away from crystals and oracles cards. Instead of learning and connecting to all things spiritual and magical, I hid and tucked away this part of myself. I thought it was more important to focus on college and start a career for myself (because that is what society said you should do in the 'real world'). So after graduation, I began working at an advertising agency and then in the newspaper industry. I was proud of myself for all I accomplished, but deep within my soul, it always felt like a piece of me was missing and incomplete.


Thankfully, I began spending time with crystals and oracle cards once again. I also reconnected with my Angels and Spirit Guides. I no longer kept these spiritual and magical parts of myself on a shelf collecting dust. Slowly, it felt like the pieces of me that were missing and incomplete started to return. It also felt like I was (re)connecting to the wisdom and magic that had always been there, deep within my soul.


My spiritual journey continued as I studied Reiki, Angel Card Readings, the Akashic Records, Magic Classes, Nordic Runes, and Women's Circles. I also discovered the beautiful and profound healing experiences of participating in Ecstatic Dances and Goddess Rituals. And little by little, it felt like I was uncovering my purpose in this world: to provide support through energy healing and spiritual guidance for others as they move through their life journey.


However, as I was uncovering my purpose in this world, I also began struggling with a genetic, progressive and incurable condition I was born with called Neurofibromatosis-Type 1 (NF1 for short). So even though I knew I was meant to offer energy healing and spiritual guidance and felt strongly connected to the offerings I wanted to share with the world, I was scared to put myself out there and let myself be seen. You see, one of the symptoms that NF1 causes is for tumours to grow internally and externally. So externally, I have bumps (the tumours) on my face and body.


In the past, I had experienced hurtful comments from some strangers regarding the tumours on my face and body, which triggered negative thoughts of "Who would want energy healing and spiritual guidance from someone like me? Someone with this incurable genetic condition?" And so, instead of stepping into the calling in my heart and soul with faith, my mind created thoughts of fear which I let hold me back.


And I continued to let fear hold me back until 2019 when I underwent a potential breast cancer scare and had a lumpectomy. Thankfully, my results were benign, but this was a big wake-up call from the Universe. This experience made me realize it was time to let my faith become stronger than my fears and finally move forward with my soul's calling. It also made me more passionate about wanting to help people see their highest potential and purpose and to help them (re)connect to the magic and wisdom deep within their souls.


And so, I finally began planting the seeds for what would become Wisdom Within the Winds.

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Heal From Within

by Katie Beecher





I once cut my finger very badly

while walking into a job interview.

(Thankfully, the interviewer bandaged me up!)


80's Music

on Vinyl


Iced Coffee

with Coconut Milk



  • September 2007:  Tera-Mai Reiki - Level 1 Practitioner | Helena Woodland


  • February 2010:  Akashic Records Consultant | The Soul Journeys School for Spiritual Studies


  • March 2014: Certified Angel Card Reader | Hay House


  • November 2019:  Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki - Level 2 Practitioner | Reiki Healing Orangeville

  • December 2019:​ Circle Leader Training | The Wild Woman Project


  • March 2020: Certified Crystal Master | Wargachuk Mystic & Holistic Academy

  • May 2020: Ecstatic Dance Circle Training | Liz Diaz

  • August 2020: Animal Reiki - First and Second Degree | Reiki Lifestyle

  • October 2020: Certified Crystal Healer | Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

  • October 2020: Ordained Minister | Universal Life Church

  • Summer/Fall 2020: Sacred Medicine Mentorship | Asha Frost-Healing Rainbow Medicine Woman


  • March 2021: Advanced Crystal Practitioner | Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

  • September 2021: Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma | Centre of Excellence

  • September 2021:Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training | School of Positive Transformation

  • October 2021:​ Chakra and Aura Healing Diploma | Centre of Excellence


  • March 2022: Journal Therapy Diploma | Centre of Excellence

  • November 2022: Daytime Weekly Mediumship Development Circle Course | School of Mediumship & Spiritual Studies


  • Brainz CREA Global Award 2022 Honoree

  • Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards 2022 - Recipients of the Certificate for Holistic Health Practitioner

  • Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards 2022 - Recipients of the Certificate for Spiritual Writer/Composer


  • March 2020 to Current: International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Section 2 (About)

" You are the greatest project that you will ever get to work on. Take your time. Create magic."

- Unknown -

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