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"This lovely lady has done a couple of reads for me!  She is amazing and on point!"

- Kelly GW -

"I cannot even begin to express the amount of positivity, lightness and calm I felt after my readings. The things that came up in my readings BLEW me away. Things I needed to hear, things that had happened to me even just only two weeks before, things I had never told anyone before, and reassurance to give me such strength to smile with peace once again. Bring your tissues, even though she provided them for my reading, and get ready to hear the wonderful blessings of her words and amazing gift."

- Katelyn W. -

"Reading I had done was friendly and professional; I definitely would get another one done."

- Kevin W. -

"Christine is a true Angel and has been one in my life since the day I met her. I could feel her purity immediately. She gave me an online oracle card reading and it was divine. Primarily, the aesthetic beauty of her email entailed with informative knowledge about the chakras et cetera was colourful and thrilling. The three readings were spot on. I’ve been  hyper-focused lately on my goals, I’ve been absorbing the morning hymns of the birds in their natural habitat here in BC and I love and need nothing more than my sacred solitude. In short, Christine’s reading was all I could have hoped for to continue my path with her angelic love, support, wisdom and kindness. I completely recommend Wisdom Within The Winds."

- Sam D. -

"So grateful for Christine’s gifts and magic she translated to such useful and applicable suggestions. The delivery of the tangible information was so beautifully designed and organized too - a real pleasure to take in. This intuitive wisdom will continue to serve me I know it!"

- Kirsten W. -

"I recently had a Hermit and High Priestess reading with the amazing and talented Christine @wisdomwithinthewinds and Ivan @rebelstartarot. They are not only married, they are so connected intuitively, bringing the divine feminine and masculine to their readings. My reading was spot on and gave me affirmations and great news for the future. Christine likened my current situation as steeping, like a cup of tea and the next day as I went for a walk, I found myself in front of a tea shop with an actual tea pot for a sign. How cool is that?? Part of my journey is about discovering the talents of other lightworkers as I share my own with them. We are here to guide others but also to work on ourselves. Contact these folks for a great tarot, oracle and rune combo reading!"

- Marilyn P., Life Guide Coaching -

"My recent reading was very on point. Energetically, the reading spoke directly to the energy going on in my life. Speaking directly to the current situations in my life, and giving some much-needed advice. I would 100% recommend a reading to anyone I know!"

- Star R. -

"I was absolutely delighted with my 'The Hermit and The High Priestess' Reading! It was incredible to have the 3 modalities come together and communicated from two intuitives!!! The wildest part was how IN SYNC the two readings were with my long term path. I was really seeking some validation and guidance in the direction I wanted to take in my career. The communication was incredibly positive and you could feel how invested Christine and Ivan were in supporting my path. They're very connected with Spirit and just simply beautiful souls!!! I was able to move forward with confidence in my decision making and a sense of peace with the path ahead. I would HIGHLY recommend this reading and exploring all services with these two beautiful souls!!!! Very grateful for our paths connecting." 

- Cheryl K. -

"Christine has done a few readings for me now. Each one has been so accurate with my experience and affirming. She truly has a gift for seeing and sharing what I’m needing most, especially during times of growth, change and uncertainty. Thank you for your time and care Christine. And for sharing your magical gift with me with such grace."

- Keri A. -

"I had the absolute pleasure of receiving a 'Hermit and High Priestess'  reading from Ivan and Christine. This was such an excellent combination and I experienced a much wider scope of understanding and clarity as they held space for me. Both readers attending the reading combining modalities was so very helpful. I highly recommend Ivan and Christine."

- Mel, The Intuitive Cat -

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